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Beautify Lake of the Woods


The abundance of moisture has everything green and growing in Lake of the Woods, including perennial broadleaf weeds in our yards.


Your Home Owners Association Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions states: "All owners should maintain their property. Including maintenance of landscaping using generally accepted garden management practices necessary to promote a healthy, wee-free environment for optimum plant growth."


Early spring and fall are the best times to control perennial broadleaf weeds in your yard, but during cooler summer days, homeowners still can remove stubborn weeds.


Illinois Extension Broadleaf Weed Information 


The purpose of this website is to provide members with news, updates and information about our association and community.



The Lake of the Woods Homeowners Association's mission is to build community pride through member involvement. Maintain a safe and healthy environment for our home owners and families. Implement the bylaws created by your association.    

Your Board

The board is made up of twelve elected members. Your board is strictly voluntary so home owners are encouraged to serve as a board member or participate on a given committee. Board members serve for three years. Committees: Nominating, Special Events, Common Properties, Welcome and Publicity.


Lake of the Woods Homeowners Association has openings on the board.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact a current board member or email Shawn Garner HERE.


Meet Your Board

Rules & Regulations Fact: 

Did you know each residency must have a functional outside yard light? Gas lights are permitted only with the written approval of the Association. Said light is to be placed on the front of each residence and shall have a minimum lumen equivalent of a 40 Watt bulb.


Bylaws & Restrictions

Association Information

Lake of the Woods Home Owners Association

Lake of the Woods Estates

PO Box 191

Dunlap, IL 61525


NEW Neighbors?

Help the Lake of the Woods Welcoming Committee share information about your Home Owners Asscociation with new home owners. If you have a new neighbor, email the address & name if you know it:



Breakfast with Santa coming soon!





Fiber Optics Network Expanding Towards Dunlap

iTV3 is deploying a 100% underground fiber optics network, the fastest internet available.





Dam Inspection

Your Lake of the Woods Home Owners Association board was informed of an Illinois Law, whereby we must have a permit indicating the dam at our lake is safe. 



Utilities Customer Service Numbers

Ameren Illinois: Gas Leak or Powerlines down



Illinois American Water



Utilities Inc. (sewage/waste)