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My Lake.  Your Lake.  Our Lake.  

BACKGROUND: During the summer of 2018, a group of homeowners came together to kick off a  Lake Committee. The Lake Committee consists of over 15 active homeowners who have an interest in preserving, maintaining, and beautifying our neighborhood’s largest asset, our lake. This committee is in place to make recommendations to the HOA board of directors for decisions affecting the lake.  

During the inaugural year, this group of homeowners commissioned an independent study to gauge the impact of multiple breaches in the southern dam controlling the water flow into the lake and outline solutions. The findings show that resolving these issues is a multi-faceted project - tasks range from the labor-intensive removal of sediment from the lake system, and silt dam restoration - to the simple property maintenance homeowners can take part in to increase overall lake health.  

In 2020 Homeowners approved raising the dues $40 per year per household to offset the cost of the project. Engineering plans have been submitted to the State of Illinois and are waiting for approval.

Independent Study

Ravine Management

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