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Annual dues are $160 per household, and boat rack rental is $75 per year.

Homeowners are mailed their dues in January and payment must be received by April 1st. Dues not paid will be charged $10 per month until payment is made. Your association has the right to apply a lien on homes that have not paid their dues.


The By Laws were created by the Homeowners Association to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Lake of the Woods Estates and can only be amended with a vote of the members.


Covenants & Restrictions

The Covenants and Restrictions were created for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, attractiveness and desirability of the lots or tracts in our subdivision.

Full Doc

Condensed Doc

New Owners Information

This document is an introduction to Lake of the Woods for new or existing homeowners in Lake of the Woods.

Welcome New Owner

Utility Companies and Phone Numbers

Unlike some cities and communities where services are combined, Lake of the Woods homeowners have separate energy, sewage waste, garbage and water bills. The following companies provide services to our community. New homeowners should contact the companies immediately  after taking possession of a new home.

Ameren Illinois (Customer Service, Gas Leak or Power Outage) 800.755.5000

Illinois Water 800.422.2782

Prairie Path Water (Sewage Waste) 800.831.2359

Wigand Solid Waste/GFL (Garbage) 309.274.4589 or PDC/GFL (Garbage) 309.688.0760

Ravine Management

A very good document about ravine management from homeowner Mark Fabish.

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