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One of our biggest assets as a Lake of the Woods home owner is the lake. This forty acre lake is surfaced and spring fed with a depth of forty feet at the deepest. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy catching several game fish species including, bluegill, catfish, bass and  crappies. Swimmers will enjoy our sand beach and swimming area!

Fishing: Homeowners may fish from the shore or boat. No fishing is allowed in the swim area and boat dock if homeowners are trying to land a boat. Use of minnows as bait is illegal. We ask that all bass smaller than 6 inches be released. Please be a good neighbor and pick up all trash, bait, fishing line and put in trash.

Boats: Gas-powered motors are not allowed on the lake. Storage rental in the boat rack is $75 per year. Boat slots DO NOT transfer to a new homeowner from the previous owner or if a boat is sold.  LOWHOA is not liable for damage to, or theft of any boats. Boats must be numbered and stored in the assigned slot provided. To put your name on a waiting list, contact the Lake Supervisor. Abandoned boats, boats not numbered or boats in the wrong slot will be removed from the lake and it is the owner's responsibility to contact a member of common properties within 30 days to claim said boat. After 30 days, the boat will be sold, and any proceeds will go into the general fund.

Swimming: SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lake hours are 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Tag Checkers are on duty each day throughout the week. Children under sixteen can not swim without an adult present. Swimmers and their guests must check-in and present their Lake Tag(s) with the Tag Checker on duty.

Lake Tags: All homeowners received 6 Lake tags in 2020. Additional tags were distributed upon request and family size. Lost tags may be replaced at a cost of $5.00 per tag. Replacement or new homeowner tags may be requested using the “Contact your HOA” form on

Lake Supervisor:  His/Her responsibilities at the lake include hiring and scheduling tag checkers.

 Supervisor & Tag Checkers Responsibilities: Greet members and verify residence in Lake of the Woods by checking Lake Tags. Enforce swimming rules for all members using the lake - enforce boat and fishing rules - maintain the beach, lakefront, docks, and boat rack - discipline under-age swimmers and report any infractions to the Lake Supervisor.

Water Samples (> 235 /100ml is unsatisfactory)

Todd Henry- Home Owner

"What a great place to live! The lake is always clean, the Tag Checkers are friendly and the fishing is great."

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