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COVID-19 Lake Restrictions

Looking at the Governor’s Restore Illinois Plan, the public beach cannot be opened until our region reaches Phase 5: Revitalization.  It is essential we follow the Governor’s plan as the Illinois Department of Public Health issues our permit each year and could potentially revoke our application if found in breach of state guidelines.   

Fishing and boating, however, are allowed based on state guidelines.  Fishing is also allowed from the bank.  Please follow Illinois Department of Public Health safety guidelines and practice social distancing, avoid large group gatherings and wear face masks when out in public and unable to maintain a social distance of at least six feet. 

In order to practice social distancing, the Board will not be going door to door to hand out the appropriate number of lake tags per household.  Instead, every household is receiving six resident lake tags.   If six tags are too many for your household, please return to the Board via mail or contact a member of the Board directly.  If six tags are too few for your household, please contact a member of the Board and more tags will be provided.  Contact information for all Board members can be found at  As previously stated, these tags are numbered, therefore, we know which tags belong to which families.  Do not trade or share tags. 


Guest tags have been purchased but will not be distributed at this time.  The Board agreed that under current guidelines limiting gatherings to ten people or fewer, residents should have priority at the public beach area.  When the lake reopens the Board will distribute guest tags. 

New signage will be posted at the beach area with restrictions and guidance and we ask that all residents respect this closing to keep everyone healthy and ensure the opening of the beach later this summer.  The HOA will continue to communicate any updates and changes with residents through e-blasts and Facebook posts.  To join the e-blast mailing list complete the “Receive Emails’ form at  To join the Facebook group search ‘I Live in Lake of the Woods, Dunlap IL’.

If you have any questions for the Board please use the “Contact your HOA” form at  We are hopeful this period of concern will quickly pass so we can resume our normal levels of social interaction and fun!  In the meantime, BE SAFE.

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