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COVID-19 Response at Lake of the Woods

In compliance with the many health safety directives that have been forthcoming from Washington D.C., the State of Illinois, and multiple health organizations, Your HOA Board of Directors has determined that to protect the health and wellbeing of our Lake of the Woods members, the following practices are being implemented as of today and will remain in place through April 19th. This period may be extended should directives and/or health conditions not improve.
We will, on occasion, update this information via our website, our Facebook page, and via email to those whose email address is on file with us.
During this period:

1) All board and committee meetings are to be either conducted electronically or to be postponed until common meeting areas are re-opened. Committee chairs may contact the board via email if needed.
2) All scheduled activities are canceled until further notice.
3) All updates during this period will be posted on our web page,,  on our Facebook page from an administrator, and by email blast to those members for whom we have an email address. It is our goal that information relating to the neighborhood is shared with all neighbors quickly and effectively, so we strongly encourage you to contact us with your email address at this time so that you can make certain to receive board communication email blasts. You can submit those emails via the "Receive Emails" form on

4) If you have a question for the board please use the “Contact Your HOA” form on our website.
We are hopeful that this period of concern will quickly pass so we can resume our normal levels of social interaction...and fun! In the meantime, check on your neighbors and stay safe.
With warm regards,
Kim Robertson
Lake of the Woods Homeowners Association

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